Brick Wall Repair – How to Repair Cracked Brick Walls

Brick Wall Repair – How to Repair Cracked Brick Walls

Brick Wall Repair Melbourne

If you have cracked brick walls in Melbourne, you should get them repaired immediately. You don’t want to spend money on a patch job that looks worse than the crack itself. Cracks in brick walls are typically caused by foundation settling, and can be remedied by regrading the area around the foundation and evaluating the drainage system. However, if a crack is too severe, it may require total demolition and rebuilding.

When you need repairs, there are several things to consider. The most common problem is soil subsidence, which occurs when the ground moves. The cause of soil subsidence is water, and prolonged rainfall can exacerbate the problem. Soil that is heavy on clay will stretch or shrink more and will put more strain on brick walls. Large trees can also cause problems due to their roots. Getting these trees removed will prevent damage to your brickwork.

To remove the cracked brick, use a masonry drill to drill it out. To ensure a seamless repair, be sure to use the same type of brick as the original. Brick suppliers can help you choose the right brick for your repair. If your building is older, you can opt to salvage the old brick. Regardless of the age of your brick, there are ways to repair cracked brick in Melbourne. You can either do it yourself or get professional help from a Brick Wall Repair Melbourne Company.

Another option for cracked walls is brick stitching. This method rebonds cracked walls and adds extra strength. This method is best used when cracks are large and require more than the usual brick and mortar repair. Using proprietary stainless steel tension rods, the brick repair Melbourne experts will stitch back together. You will be happy with the long-term result. However, you can opt for a more permanent option. You’ll want to contact a company that offers this service and has years of experience.

Another type of brick repair is repointing. Repointing involves replacing the mortar that has been damaged by weathering or salt attack. This is important because if it breaks, water will penetrate the brick and affect the structural integrity of the wall. Tuckpointing repairs can also help to conceal imperfection. Once repaired, this method is the best option for brick walls. If you have a brick wall that has crumbled, repointing will ensure it doesn’t get damaged again.

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