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How to Protect Your House from Termites

How to Protect Your House from Termites

Termites can be one of the most troublesome pests your household can acquire. They may seem harmless and some of them live underground so they can be hard to detect. The damage, seen or unseen however can be costly and catastrophic. Feeding off of wood, termites perform a very vital service to nature out in the wild, but in your home they can be trouble. They’ll chew not only through your furniture but can also cause significant structural damage to your home over time. So how do you protect your home from these menacing little creatures?

The first step is obviously to practice certain prevention methods. Obviously it involves keeping a clean home and other commonsense measures, but it also involves identifying the infestation before it becomes a big problem. Keep your eyes open for any unusual signs, such as chewed wood, or of course a small gathering under the fridge. You also want to try and figure out what kind of termites you’re dealing with so you can know what methods, products, etc. to use in combating the problem.

The next step is to nip the problem in the bud. In other words you’ll need to do whatever you can to eliminate the infestation. There are many methods and not all of them come at a high cost. Some of them you can buy right over the counter at a local store. First there are barrier treatments, which are relatively easy to use and very effective. They don’t kill the bugs right away but instead as the termites enter it covers them with a poison that they will then spread to other termites and they will slowly die one by one. They also keep your house safe from future infestations if you want to use them as a prevention method. There is also what’s called bait station, which you set up around the house. You simply fill them with wood-like bait and if you notice a sign of termites’ presence (such as the bait being chewed) you then replace that bait with a special kind of poison. The termites will take the poisoned food and return to their colonies, and once again the clan will die. If you don’t feel like you can deal with the problem yourself you may want to hire a professional pest inspectors in Melbourne.

Finally you’ll want to prevent any future problems.Whereas before purchasing new home, pre purchase house inspection is the vital step that one should take.  As mentioned before keeping a clean home helps, but there are other things people don’t think of. Avoid having any wood-to-ground contact around the house as much as possible. Any area where wood is in contact with the earth, termites are likely not far away.  Also avoid having any wooden debris such as sticks, fallen branches, or random scrap wood lying around. There are also certain products such as sprays you can use to keep termites away. Just follow these steps and you should have a happy and pest-free home. For professional and dependable pest and building inspections in Melbourne, we recommend Bear Bottom Building Inspections  – a decent service provider in Melbourne.

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Important reasons to clean out the shed

Important reasons to clean out the shed

We all live hectic lifestyles, shuffling  between busy schedules which is why it is important to be well prepared all the time. Yes, I’m talking in all aspects of life, even the daunting tasks such as cleaning out the shed that has been neglected for years. Trust me, you will feel so much better once it is done!

It is going to be a mammoth task, one that will require different cleaning tools and techniques, but again, it will be so worth it. Sheds are prone to storing junk or unnecessary items that we seem to acquire over the years. You have so many options as well, you can restore and refurbish these items, take them to a recycling facility or even have a garage sale and make some money! There are plenty of ways to turn this into a fun task.

Now, of course there is going to be bits and pieces that are suitable for nothing other than going in the trash. For this, I suggest enlisting the help companies dealing in skip bin hire in Melbourne. Typically, they will deliver a skip bin to your door, you will fit it up and they will pick it up, taking away all your rubbish with them. This will make your job so much easier as you won’t have to worry about where all the excess rubbish has to go! With the help of skip bin hire Malvern  all you need to do is to focus solely on picking out the pieces you are going to improve, recycle or sell!

Overall, try to enjoy the process. Enlist in the help of family and friends – maybe even use it as a chance to have a working bee on the entire house. You really will feel like a new person once it is all finished and you have removed all of that junk from your life! It truly will be a refreshing feeling.

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